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Microcontroller Training 8051 LudhianaThe course is designed for those who want to pursue Embedded Systems. Embedded Technology Training enables a student, a technologist or a hobbyist to develop microcontroller based systems. The need of time is that every engineer should equip with Embedded Technologies. This course of Embedded System is composed around 8051 Microcontroller.

This Course cover complete details about Intel 8051 microcontroller technology include techniques for burning Flash ROM of Microcontroller, Circuit designing etc. So, utilize your talent with technology of present and technology of the future.


The Intel 8051 is Harvard architecture, single chip microcontroller (µC) which was developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems. Intel's original versions were popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, but has today largely been superseded by a vast range of faster and/or functionally enhanced 8051-compatible devices manufactured by more than 20 independent manufacturers including Atmel, Infineon Technologies (formerly Siemens AG), Maxim Integrated Products (via its Dallas Semiconductor subsidiary), NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor), Nuvoton (formerly Winbond), ST Microelectronics, Silicon Laboratories (formerly Cygnal), Texas Instruments and Cypress Semiconductor. Intel's official designation for the 8051 family of µCs is MCS 51.

Source: Wikipedia


  • Scroll MessageDisplay
  • Remote Control Applications
  • Industrial Application
  • Data Loggers
  • Security Systems
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Digital weighing Machine
  • Robotics

Training Features

Training program is designed to consider complexity involved in designing of embedded system. In embedded system programmer has to deal with both hardware and software. Code debugging is complex and code execution is also not transparent to user, so keeping all these in minds, we specially focus on following points…

  • Practical oriented training.
  • Study material is given along with training program.
  • Real world examples are discussed during training.
  • Various debugging techniques are demonstrated during training program.
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No doubt that 8051 is evergreen microcontroller and it was being used and will be used in future. These days 8051 processor comes with advance peripherals on the chip like USB, SPI controller, I2C controller etc. There are many development tools for 8051, proprietary and open source both. Many development boards are available in market. Products based on 8051 are available in market and new products are also getting designed on 8051. So many big, medium and small sized companies are working on 8051. 8051 is also entry point to the world of embedded system development. 8051 opens door to the world of embedded system.


  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Introduction of Embedded System
    • Evolution in Microcontroller technology
    • Past, Present & Future of Embedded System
  • Module 2: Microcontroller 8051
    • Microcontroller 8051 Architecture
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Bus Architecture
    • Interrupts and Timers
    • Microcontroller 8051 Assembly Language
  • Module 3: Assembly Language
    • Assembly Language of 8051 Microcontroller
    • Use of Assemblers & Simulator
    • Programming for 8051
    • Examples programs for 8051
  • Module 4: IO Device Interface and practical
    Study of Input Output Devices
    • LED Display
    • DIP Switch
    • Intelligent LCD Display
    • Matrix Keyboard
    • Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors
    • Serial Communication Concepts
    • Practices on interfacing circuits
    • Practices of Serial Programmer
  • Module 5: Advance assemble and C Language
    • Preprocessor directives
    • Inline assembly in C
    • Calling of Assembly function in C
    • Convert all Assembly Program in C
  • Module 6: Project Projects in Embedded System *
  • Module 7: Conclusion
    • Latest trends in embedded fields
    • Introduction to …
      • In Circuit Emulators
      • JTAG debug interface
      • RTOS
      • Role of Linux in Embedded System
  • CD Contents: Example Programs
  • 8051 Articles
  • 8051 Presentations
  • Development Tools
  • Imbuent Data Sheets
  • Imbuent Book of 8051 Microcontroller
40 Hours
  • Electronic Voting Machine
  • Robotic ARM
  • Remotely Controlled Application
* During training a project will be completed. Project expense will be beared by trainee.


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