In System Programming device is ideal for programming microcontroller on the board. There is no need to use dedicated programmer for programming of flash memory and also no need to remove controller from circuit. This device use ISP technology for programming of chip.

This device works along with Flash Magic software from NXP.

PIC development Board
Product Code Price Of Single Unit* Deliverable With Board Flash Magic Software
  • 500 INR
  • 10 USD
  • Imbuent ISP Programmer
  • Serial Cable
  • FRC Cable
  • CD


  • Easy to use
  • No need to remove controller from board to program the flash memory
  • Easy to connect with circuit
  • No need to give external power supply

Supported Devices

P89C51RB+, P89C51RC+, P89C51RD+, P89C51RB2Hxx P89C51RC2Hxx, P89C51RD2Hxx P89C660, P89C662, P89C664, P89C668, P89C669 P89C51RA2xx, P89C51RB2xx, P89C51RC2xx, P89C51RD2xx P89C60X2, P89C61X2 P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2, P89LV51RD2, P89V660, P89V662, P89V664 P89LPC901, P89LPC902, P89LPC903, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908 P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914 P89LPC920, P89LPC921, P89LPC922 P89LPC930, P89LPC931, P89LPC932, P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935 P89LPC904, P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, P89LPC924, P89LPC925, P89LPC932A1, P89LPC936, P89LPC938 P89LPC9102, P89LPC9103, P89LPC9107 P89LPC952, P89LPC9401, P89LPC918 P89LPC9321, P89LPC9351, P89LPC9408 P89LPC9201, P89LPC9211, P89LPC922A1 P89LPC9241, P89LPC9251, P89LPC9301 P89LPC931A1, P89LPC9331, P89LPC9341 P89LPC9402, P89LPC9361, P89LPC9151 P89LPC9161, P89LPC9171

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