MATLAB(MATrix LABoratory) is a software package for high performance numerical computation and visualization . It has added new dimensions to Scientific Computing with interactive calculations, programming, graphics, animation and complete portability across platforms. It has a number of Toolboxes, which are a collection of functions written for special applications like symbolic computation, image processing, statistics, optimization, control systems, signal processing, neural & fuzzy applications etc. The course shall concentrate on basics of MATLAB programming and its applications Digital Image and Signal Processing


About this Course:

This course provides to Introduction Basic of MATLAB. It's various applications in Image Processing,Signal Processing and A MATLAB Simulink Tools.Students or Professtional can part of as per there interest.

Course Description

Module 1 Introduction to MATLAB
	Getting Started
	MATLAB Basics: Command Set
	Interacting with MATLAB
	Algebra and Arithmetic
	Vector and Matrix
	Relational Operators
	MATLAB Programming
	Control Structures
	Input Output Statement	
	Writing Programs with .m Files
	Graphics and Animations in MALTAB
	MATLAB Language Constructs
	MATLAB Troubleshooting	
	MATALB Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

Module 2
	MALTAB Simulink
	Introduction: SIMULINK
	SIMULINK environment
	SIMULINK Library Blocks and their properties	
	Different types Models
	Creating Models, Blocks and Simulation Configuration Settings
	Simulating a example model	
	MATLAB Simulink Integration
	Introduction to S Function
	Creating an S-Function and Simulating in SIMULINK Environment

Module 3
	Digital Image Processing in MATLAB
	Image Processing Notation and Data Formats
	Image Processing in MATLAB
	Implementation of following
	Image Transforms
	Image Enhancement
	Image Restoration
	Image Segmentation
	Image Compression
	Face Detection
	Wavelet based Image Processing in MATLAB
	Water Marking
		Application of Water Marking in Digital Image Processing
	Color Image Processing in MATLAB
	Image Processing Tool Box

Module 4 Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB
	1. Introduction to DSP Signal and systems
	2.  Transforms 
		• Fourier Transform 
		• Z - Transform 
		• DCT Transform 
		• Wavelet Transform 
	3.  Digital Filters 
		IIR Digital Filter Design
		FIR Digital Filter Design
		Comparison between Digital Filter Design
		Filter Design Tool in MATLAB
	4. Waveform Quantization and Compression
		·A-Law and µ-law Companding
		·Adaptive filtering
		·Application in Adaptive filtering
		·Application in Communication
	5.  Introduction to DSP Processor:
		Introduction to DSP Processor       
		Implementation of DSP Algorithm on Hardware 

Module 5
	Interacting with Hardware with MATLAB
	Interfacing  Webcam with MATLAB
	Interfacing  Stepper Motor with MATLAB
	Interfacing  DC Motor with MATLAB
	Interfacing to different Microcontroller with MATLAB  

* During training a project will be completed. Project expense will be beared by trainee.


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