Development in embedded system is one of the difficult task, it involve hardware and software. So for embedded development knowledge of both fields is required. It also requires knowledge of various debugging and troubleshooting techniques. So, all this make development of most difficult in software development. And as a result the time to market is too much in embedded development.

Imbuent is committed to provide solution in embedded development. We provide services in following category:
Firmware Development
In Imbuent we develop firmware for any type of board. Board may be either standard or customized.
Interfacing of Boards with the Computer
Embedded products are interface with computer. For that interfacing routines and software is required. We develop such routines for various protocols like RS232, TCP/IP.
Development of Protocol Stack
Imbuent develops the protocol stack for various needs of embedded system. The protocol may be standard or user defined.
Solution in wireless communication
Wireless technology is the used in embedded development for transferring of data from / to embedded product. Various modules are available for that RF and IR modules are common. In Imbuent we develop wireless solution according the need of customer.
Development of complete embedded product
Complete product means circuit and software both, according to the customer requirement. For that extensive discussion with customer is required. After knowing the detailed description of product, our team starts working on the project.
We also provide support after the development of product.
Integration services
In embedded development it is required to interface IDEs with hardware i.e. target board. We provide support for that for various products. For this service please first give complete detail of requirement to our support team.
Support on open source tools
Embedded technology involves lots of free tools for development. We provide on some of these tools by our experts. We provide support on following tools currently
  • GCC compiler for AVR
  • AVR Studio
Imbuent is also committed to provide training to the embedded learner on various embedded development tools. We manage some time form our busy schedule for training, we regularly conducts workshops for engineering colleges students. It is advised to students to keep in contact for such a training schedule.