Imbuent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Imbuent was launched in year 2006 by technology experts. Imbuent frequently conducts various training programs for cooperate and students. Within few years the concern gets a place in market. We are getting projects from industry. We are the team of experts having knowledge of all aspects of the fields like electronics circuitry, Microcontrollers ( 8051 , PIC , AVR , ARM , LINUX ) assembly languages , Embedded C , Industrial Automation ( PLC , SCADA , HMI , AFD , VFD , DCS ), VLSI/ VHDL/ VERILOG Programming, MATLAB, PCB Designing Technologies and Software Technologies. Read More


Consultancy Services

Training Programs

Imbuent Embedded Linux GUI Training Ludhiana Punjab
Imbuent Matlab VLSI VHDL Training Ludhiana Punjab
Imbuent ARM AVR PIC Training Ludhiana Punjab

Imbuent provides products used in the Embedded System Development. These products meets the requirements of the professionals and the hobbyists. Our products ranges from development board to adapters to programmers.

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Imbuent providing a wide range of services in embedded system, we have developed a comprehensive perspective allows us to meet differing business needs - from low-level embedded systems integration to higher level applications and more.

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Imbuent training programs are specially compiled to meet the requirement of industry. Imbuent conducts professional training programs for Embedded 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, Embedded Linux, Industrial Automation – PLC and VHDL Programming, MATLAB etc.

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Imbuent provides Six week and Six months Industrial Training in Ludhiana Punjab